The principles of the O’Connor Equestrian Program are based on the fundamental aspects of horsemanship, both in the saddle and in the barn.  Every routine, from a simple exercise to a combination of movements, is founded on the basic principles of correct riding and schooling and is repeated throughout the levels to establish that exercise, repeat it and correct it until it becomes an habitual process for rider and horse.

With a lifetime of experience combined with the skills and talent that made both David and Karen successful competitors at the highest level, the O’Connor Program leaves no stone unturned. It evaluates each horse and rider that enters the program and continues the assessment to ensure that confidence is built on ability, skill and knowledge, and the solid stepping stones are established to fulfill potential.
When the time comes for a rider to find a new horse, Karen’s unique eye for a horse’s potential and extensive global network of contacts, combined with the knowledge and understanding of each rider’s needs and abilities will ensure that your next ride will be suitable in every respect.

The safety of horse and rider together with the horse’s welfare is paramount and at every stage of your development our system will ensure that you’re in the right hands.

We look forward to welcoming you to our program.