Karen is expanding her work in the media both in TV and print.  She is providing Expert Analysis for NBC equestrian programming, and writing regular columns in The Chronicle of the Horse and the USEA Eventing Magazine in addition to articles for other publications.  Karen is also a regular guest on the USEA Official Podcast and Chris Stafford Radio.

“The opportunity for me to work within the media is new and exciting and I really look forward to exploring that avenue and it would be a great goal to be able to increase the amount of work in the media industry. The idea of working in front of a camera in a completely different way is new and exciting to me. And to be able to share my knowledge with the audience that’s trained as well as the audience that is new to the sport is very intriguing to me and I enjoy the challenge.  NBC is a wonderful network and has a very far reach. It has always been my favorite network to watch and so it’s a great fit for me to be able to work with that successful a group of people and that big a network,” said Karen.