Motivational Speaking Engagements:


January 10, 2015

Dayton, OH

A highly successful career in sport has motivated Karen to offer people from different walks of life the tools and strategies that will help them to excel in their chosen field. Sport teaches a number of transferable skills that not only define an individual’s strengths and enhance performance but also shapes their contribution to a team.  Having been a member of the U.S. Eventing team over four decades at five Olympic Games and four World Championships has taught Karen what it takes to contribute not only on the field of play but, just as importantly, out of competition.  How to accept victory and defeat, to maintain morale and team spirit in the face of adversity. How to represent your country with dignity, probity and pride is the responsibility that athletes embrace together with the honor that is bestowed upon them. It’s not just how you become a winner but the kind of person you are after you experience success that is equally as important and defines character. Being a team player begins with individual ability, talent and potential and is not confined to the sports arena. Being inspired by team leaders is an valuable aspect of performance and it begins long before an athlete make their team debut.  Karen’s leadership skills are both instinctive and learned over a lifetime in high performance competition.  The ability to successfully communicate and inspire others to not only maximize their performance but adapt those skills to other aspects of life is a gift that Karen is privileged to share.

Equestrian sport is unique in the Olympic movement in that men and women compete on equal terms. Sport also crosses all cultural, religious and racial boundaries. It enables athletes to respect a person for their achievements despite social and economic backgrounds and cultural challenges. It teaches discipline and obligation to others as well as a unique responsibility to the care and welfare of their equine partner. Equestrian sport demands a rare combination of courage, patience, responsiveness and tenacity. It defines a champion not only by its character and talent but also by their relationship with each equine partner. Unlike many sports it imposes no age limit but it requires a physical and mental fitness that is recognized by consistency and endless motivation.